Trump Recently Admitted to Having Files on Extraterrestrial Life

Trump’s UFO FILES to go Public?

Prior to his confrontation with President Biden on Thursday, the former president acknowledged that he possesses UFO files. Would he make them public, though?


The “#DisclosureDebate” social media campaign is centered around this question, which is motivating people to ask the debate moderator to include UAPs (unidentified abnormal phenomena) in this week’s debate.


Chief Counsel Daniel Sheehan of the New Paradigm Institute stated, “The next president of the United States will make critical decisions about UAP (unidentified anomalous phenomena) disclosure and government transparency.”


“It’s time for Donald Trump, Joe Biden, and Robert F. Kennedy, Jr. to pledge to disclose and be transparent about UFOs and UAPs. It is time to include the UAP in the political conversation surrounding our elections, regardless of one’s political inclinations.”

Last week, Logan Paul invited Trump to appear on his YouTube show, “IMPAULSIVE,” where they discussed a variety of subjects.


We questioned the Republican candidate for commander-in-chief if he believed in UFOs and if he had access to information on the subject.


“I met with pilots [who looked] like beautiful Tom Cruise but taller — handsome, perfect people,” Trump stated to Paul. “And I looked at these guys, and they really mean it.”


Paul responded, “But don’t you have access to that information?”


“I have access, and I speak to people about it, and I’ve had actual meetings on it,” said Trump. “And they’ll inform you that something is happening.


“People that are really smart, really solid said they believe there is something out there.”


The nonprofit New Paradigm Institute, which promotes UFO disclosure, began the social media campaign some weeks ago and has intensified it in the lead-up to Thursday’s confrontation.


Over 100,000 people have received messages, according to Sheehan on X, “to contact not only the campaigns of the three major candidates, Biden, Trump, and Bobby Kennedy,” but also the debate moderators.


In order to inform the American audience of each candidate’s position on the matter, he referred to the debate as the “perfect forum.”


“So they’re getting lots and lots of requests to ask this question,” he continued. “Our representatives need to know that their constituents demand an open and transparent government.”


Congress has been interested in the UFO issue for a long time, thanks to bipartisan efforts that have included new laws and under-oath hearings where whistleblowers have come forward.


During a public hearing, David Grusch, a former Air Force veteran and U.S. intelligence official, informed lawmakers that the government “absolutely” had alien technology and “biologics” of “non-human origins” and that it is aware of the precise places where they are being housed.