Trump Says He Is A ‘Political Prisoner’

Former President Donald Trump said that he was a “political prisoner” in a recent campaign email following his conviction on 34 felony charges by a New York jury last week. The statement came as the former president also vowed to appeal the conviction.

The former president said that he was a “political prisoner” in a fundraising email.

The Trump campaign also announced the start of Trump Force 47, which it says will “engage tens of thousands of new volunteers across the country to participate in a neighbor-to-neighbor organizing program hyper-focused on mobilizing highly-targeted voters in critical precincts across the battleground states and districts.”

“Trump voters and Republicans are more motivated than ever to do their part to defend President Trump from Joe Biden and his band of corrupt liberals while supporting his mission to save our country from destruction,” the campaign said. “We will continue capitalizing on the unprecedented momentum of our shared movement to ensure President Trump returns to the White House alongside House and Senate majorities.”

Trump made a series of comments during a press event on Friday following the announcement. During his statements, he said that his legal team was “literally crucified.” He further called New York Judge Juan Merchan “conflicted.”

The former president criticized the gag order against him, saying that it violated his rights. He also said that it prevented him from criticizing former attorney Michael Cohen, who he said had no morals.

Trump further said that he sought to testify during the trial but believed that the prosecution would accuse him of perjury. He added that a significant portion of the business community were using Non-Disclosure Agreements (NDAs) and that he was not the only one.

The former president promised to appeal the case and further criticized Manhattan District Attorney Alvin Bragg. He accused Bragg of bringing about the charges over what he described as a minor accounting order.

Trump further accused the Biden administration of coordinating the prosecution, stating that the effort was meant to keep him off of the campaign trail.

Trump previously called the cases against him for election interference.