Trump Says He Will ‘Stay Busy For Good People’ During The 2022 Midterm Elections

The 2022 midterm election is going to be interesting. If the recent elections are any insight, there will be many Republicans elected across the country. With the way things are going, President Joe Biden may not be in the office by that time if his cognitive decline continues.  

Former President Donald Trump remains a prominent political ally of the Republican party and has endorsed many candidates since he left office. The candidates are usually the strongest of all the primary contenders, like Herschel Walker in Georgia.  

Trump told Fox News, “I’ll stay busy for good people. Not for bad people.”  

He also means it. He’s known for making nicknames for people like Biden, “Sleepy Joe,” Hillary Clinton, “Crooked Hillary,” and many others. There’s no length he won’t go.  

Trump endorsed Esteban ‘Steve’ Bovo in Hialeah, Fl, Mike Carey in Ohio, Vito Fossella Stanton Island President, and Glenn Youngkin, now Governor of Virginia.  

All endorsed by Trump, all won their elections.  

Trump is also known for going after his party and condemning them when they aren’t a strong candidate or corrupted.  

“I’ll not only be supportive. I’ll be very non-supportive of some people. So, you’ll see that there, and you’ll see that in other states too.” 

Trump said that Democrats played it wrong in Virginia. The election results are proof of that. There’s no doubt that Democrats threw their all in and put every woke plan in front of the public, and they lost because of it. It’s good that they were honest, though.  

He said, “And the Democrats played it wrong because they went after Trump,” talking about the Virginia election. “They put me on the ballot. The Democrats put me on the ballot.”  

Democrats are indeed playing the “Trump” card a bit too hard. It’s not working anymore, and people are truly tired of hearing it. There’s no reason to beat a dead horse, and Democrat voters seem to want Democrats to move on as well. They’re tired of hearing it.