Trump Vows To Place Libertarian In Cabinet

Former President Donald Trump told the crowd at the Libertarian National Convention this weekend that he would place a libertarian in his cabinet in a potential second term. The statement came as he received a mixed welcome from the crowd.

Trump said that it was the first time in history that a member of another party came to speak to a rival party platform. He asked the crowd to vote for him. Trump predicted that most libertarians would vote for him and that it was “important.”

Trump said that it was time to remove the “worst president in history,” citing President Joe Biden. He added that if Biden was elected to another term, he would destroy the country in fewer than four years.

The former president said that if he was elected to another term, he would place a libertarian in his cabinet, calling the move “pretty big.” He added that he would place libertarians in other important positions in his administration.

When the crowd gave a mixed reaction to his promise, Trump called on the libertarians to be “winners” rather than nominating someone else.

Trump also called himself the “best hope” of defeating Biden and his “regime.” He also accused the president of “not knowing where the hell he is.” Trump also referred to “despots” in Washington D.C.

Trump said that his candidacy was the best chance to “win together.” He added that if libertarians joined with Republicans, they would be “unstoppable.”

Some supporters came to the front of the speaking platform holding pro-Trump messages Saturday. However, some of the people at the convention did not take kindly to the former president’s message.

Although Trump received some cheers, some members of the audience also booed him.

The former president’s comments came after independent candidate Robert F. Kennedy spoke. Kennedy earlier considered running under the Libertarian Party banner but ultimately decided against it.

During his speech, Kennedy accused Trump of taking part in the lockdowns during the pandemic.