Trump vs Biden and What the Left Party is Currently Seeing

Trump vs Biden Hysterical MELTDOWN

The Left: The Left sees itself walking off a cliff and turning into the 1972 McGovern or 1980 Carter route. And it fears, at this late hour, its impotence likewise to address Joe Biden’s mounting feebleness, the dread inspired by a potential president, or worse, Vice President Kamala Harris.

A Successful Term vs A Successful Nightmare: It figures that a first-term novice Trump had one relatively successful snap at the bat, and a far more experienced Trump now, is infinitely more prepared to nullify an entire four-year Biden catastrophe — presumably enjoy even greater success in a second term as well.

Dreading the Warp of Demo-crazy: It dreads that all it has done to warp democracy—the Russia hoax, the Trump impeachment, the Kavanaugh confirmation con, working with the hunter laptop, the election subversion trials—might come back at them.

Flagrant PANIC: Therefore, in grand-slam panic, it quickly assumes that its past flagrant violation of the Constitution to destroy Trump will eventually come back to haunt them — because it has such knowledge ascertaining that if they got back into power, they would use those same any-means-necessary tactics against their opponents as they are using now on Trump.

In the Next Few Months: Over the next five months, the left and Democrats know they must engage in this kind of pandering to stay afloat. Pandering- but the more Biden panders, the more unsubtle, disgusting, and counterproductive the pandering is.

It denies, then gets angry and says the swing state polls were biased all along, not us; then it suddenly accepts that the polling data was always shaky—but only after going through its five stages of “denial, anger, bargaining, depression, and acceptance.”

That will be followed by the left turning to all kinds of fantasies of solutions along with a few unlawful tweaks, then sulking about a crappy American experiment, and finally recognizing what probably is in store.