Trump’s Pick for Running PARTNER

Army Veteran Turned POLITICIAN

Highlighted as Trump’s running partner is Senator Tom Cotton, a Republican from Arkansas.


Considered a rising star in Republican Party politics, the Army veteran saw battle in the Iraq and Afghanistan conflicts before emerging as a possible running mate after endorsing the outgoing president two weeks prior to the Iowa caucuses in early January.


However, as numerous media stories in late May suggested that Cotton was rising up Trump’s list for the GOP’s vice presidential selection, the excitement surrounding the senator grew.


In an interview with Fox News Digital this past week, Cotton stated, “I speak to President Trump and his senior team pretty regularly about the campaign and that we’re doing everything we can to set him up for success.”


However, Cotton made it clear that “the vice presidential choice is not something we have discussed.”


“I suspect there’s only one person who knows who’s genuinely on his short list and who he’s going to choose, and that’s President Trump, and I’m confident that with a great roster of Republicans that he’s going to make a good choice at the right time,” said the senator.


Cotton responded, “I do love my job in the United States Senate,” when asked if he would accept Trump’s offer to be his running mate. Serving the people of Arkansas and the United States is a pleasure and an honor, but any patriot would naturally have to give careful consideration to the President of the United States request to serve in another role.”

Throughout his time in Congress, the 47-year-old Cotton has established a reputation as a small-government Republican and a staunch conservative.


“He has good speech. He is intelligent. When questioned about Cotton’s political qualities, veteran Republican strategist David Koch told Fox News, “I feel like he’s right in the heart of what the party is and wants right now.”


Koch, who has been involved in multiple Republican presidential campaigns, also mentioned Cotton’s youth and said, “He does the job. He is a workhorse rather than a show pony. He is intelligent and will make a strong debater.”


With reference to Cotton’s military experience and his membership on the Senate Armed Services Committee, Koch went on, “I think his credibility on foreign policy is pretty important.”


Among the possible negatives are the evident ones. Cotton would not contribute any diversity to the Republican national ticket because he is a white male.