Truth Social CEO Says That a Free and Open Internet Is Necessary for Free Republic

Devin Nunes, CEO of Truth Social, told Breitbart News that “a republic cannot survive” without “an open internet.”

Nunes said in the interview that one of the reasons that he left Congress was because, like Former President Donald Trump, he was tired of the social media censorship. He went on to state that only socialist and fascist dictatorships are engaging in similar behavior.

The comments come as Truth Social is seeing unprecedented growth. Many people are migrating to the platform in response to big tech censorship.

Many observers have viewed Truth Social as an alternative to Twitter, which has been engaged in a very public battle with the richest man in the world. Elon Musk just walked away from a contentious deal to buy it for $44 billion.

Many were viewing Musk as a quasi-savior for the platform. Public influencers in all verticals have been asking him to purchase Twitter and restore free speech.

Trump has been saying from the start that the deal would never happen. The former president even went so far to say that he would not rejoin Twitter if his account was restored.

He was permanently banned in January of 2021. That development was one of the primary reasons Trump started Truth Social in the first place.

The Big Tech platforms have been under fire for attempting to push the narrative message desired by the democratic party. Unfortunately, it has not been just one issue but multiple stories.

Hunter Biden’s laptop is currently in the news for all sorts of salacious reasons, including possible ties to Russia and China. Before the election, however, each of the platforms labeled the story as “disinformation.’

The nation has been battling the Covid pandemic for the past two years but has seen the goalposts moved by authorities multiple times. Instead of doing deep dives into what was happening, social media simply suppressed and ignored any dissent.

Nunes is correct when he points to free speech as a necessity for a functioning democracy. If the exchange of ideas is controlled or limited, it is impossible to make good policy decisions.

Hopefully, Truth Social lives up to its name.