Tucker Carlson Says Democrats Wants To Replace Freedom With New Style Of Government

Tucker Carlson is usually correct in his assessment of the Democrat policy and many of the other issues surrounding United States politics, and he calls it as he sees it. Carlson has been pretty harsh on President Joe Biden and his administration for a good reason to include Biden’s incompetence, Hunter Biden’s catastrophes, and Biden’s foreign policy issues.  

Carlson recently stated that the Democrats seek to supplant liberty. Everything now has a mandate. If you haven’t noticed, covid-19 decrees are mask orders, lockdowns, executive directives, and so on. Biden appreciates his power and wishes he had more of it. That will take the shape of compelling the American people to follow his regulations. That is not what America is about, and many people will not agree with it, no matter what the more minor, the louder the group says.

Democrats have been “projecting” onto Republicans what they’re doing themselves. They constantly said that former President Donald Trump was a dictator, but Trump wasn’t a dictator at all.  

On his Fox News program, Tucker explained that Americans are no longer fighting with each other over partisan issues as we once did, but we’re not fighting over authoritarian issues.  

“The people in charge are intent on replacing our free democratic system with an authoritarian system where they don’t convince you of anything. They make you do things, and they benefit from that,” said Carlson. The Democrat party uses many different measures to do this, and one is these recent mandates.  

Tucker explained that the guests he has on his show are also part of the divide. He said that even the former or current leftists who come on the show are against authoritarianism and freedom, which people need to understand. Political party means nothing if part of each party wants to control you. Many people would do anything to wake up and tell Americans what to do. Those individuals need to be taken out of political office immediately. They don’t deserve the power they hold.  

Democrats haven’t tried to hide this anymore. They’re reaping the benefits of controlling the presidency, the House, and Congress simultaneously, but they’re figuring out that not all of the Democrats are going along with their ridiculous agendas. The trillions of dollars that Democrats are pushing forward as spending bills are falling behind, with a few Democrats opposing them. The ones who aren’t onboard are also finding out that the Democrat party will expel them from their position if they disagree. Not even the politicians can disagree and still hold their graces.