Tucker Carlson Warned Bret Baier Of Fox Fallout

Despite a coordinated effort by the mainstream media to tarnish Tucker Carlson’s image following his departure from Fox News, the constant release of off-air incidents and personal text messages have had the opposite effect, further cementing Carlson’s reputation.

The Daily Beast has obtained a new set of texts regarding the election between Tucker Carlson and Fox News anchor Bret Baier. In these messages, Carlson expresses serious apprehension about the network’s contentious move to declare Joe Biden the winner of the state of Arizona.

During the election night on November 3, 2020, the race in Arizona was incredibly close. While the Associated Press temporarily retracted their call due to the tight margin, Fox News declared Biden the winner, prompting backlash from their audience. Eventually, it was determined that Biden had won Arizona by a slim margin of 0.3%.

On November 5, two days after the election, the American public was still awaiting the outcome of the presidential race. Tucker Carlson was well aware that the Fox News viewership would be outraged by the network’s perceived complicity in what was viewed as an election that was “rigged” and a betrayal of then President Donald Trump.

Carlson told Baier in a text, “I continue to think the company isn’t taking the [sic] seriously enough. We need to do something to reassure our core audience. They’re our whole business model. Is there some way I could help? Obviously, I’d never do anything without full approval from the top.”

Although he wanted to avoid making things worse or becoming embroiled in the situation, Tucker Carlson implored his Fox News colleagues to explore ways to alleviate the concerns of viewers who were upset by the network’s election coverage.

He predicted the potential fallout, stating, “When Trump loses, he’s going to blame us. That’s going to be very bad.”

The mainstream media is attempting to frame Carlson’s exchange with his colleagues as a negative hit piece. However, the conversation highlights Carlson’s sincere comprehension of his viewership and his efforts to be transparent.

In the meantime, popular Fox News host Greg Gutfeld is publicly supporting Carlson against Matthew Gertz of Media Matters. Gertz, in a manner reminiscent of a tattletale, continues to release off-air footage of Carlson joking around with his production crew, expressing gratitude to them and addressing them by name.

Gutfeld tweeted, “Imagine having to tell your parents that your job is narcing on the casual comments of other people while they, happily unaware, make a living. Your parents would be so embarrassed and ashamed they’d rather tell their friends you died in a fire.”