Tulsi Gabbard Spars with Mitt Romney Over Russia-Ukraine War

Since the start of the battle between Russia and Ukraine, there are reports that Russian President Vladimir Putin has been unhappy with how the war is transpiring.

Apparently, the president of Russia believed sending in troops to Ukraine would get the nation in his pocket quickly. However, the war is approaching its fourth week as Ukrainians continue to put up a massive resistance to the military giant’s advance.

Meanwhile, as Putin’s frustrations mount, rumors allege that he has plans to unleash chemical weapons upon Ukraine, as reports surface about facilities of American-funded biological research labs within Ukraine that contain fatal pathogens.

This development prompted former Hawaii congresswoman Tulsi Gabbard to suggest Ukraine, Russia and NATO collaboratively agree upon a ceasefire in order to prevent further disaster which could evolve into a historic tragedy.

To this end, Gabbard was referred to as “treasonous,” by Utah Sen. Mitt Romney. According to Breitbart News, Gabbard has since fired back, defending herself against this accusation.

Gabbard vs. Romney: What You Need to Know

In the former congresswoman’s original statement, she noted the inherent dangers of fatal pathogens, stating they don’t acknowledge borders or boundaries. Gabbard would then go on to note the importance of a Russia-Ukraine-NATO ceasefire for this reason.

However, Sen. Romney, who is known for avoiding the Vietnam War draft, accused Gabbard, a lieutenant colonel in the Army Reserves, of spreading “treasonous lies” that could cause folks to lose their lives.

After this charge, Gabbard pushed back, declaring that it’s a fact that American-funded biological research labs are in Ukraine. The former congresswoman then reiterated that the release of the aforementioned pathogens needs to be prevented.

Finally, Gabbard directly challenged Romney to prove where and how she committed treason or issue an apology for the accusation.

Thus far, the Utah senator has not issued an apology for accusing the former congresswoman of spreading “treasonous lies.”

The Possibility of a Ceasefire

Since the invasion of Ukraine commenced, there have been various talks about a ceasefire. However, it has yet to emerge.

Russian experts have likewise been very clear that Putin has no intention of backing down or giving up on his war in Ukraine. In fact, these experts even maintain that the more Putin feels backed into a corner, the greater likelihood there is of him lashing out even further.

Right now, the possibility of a ceasefire appears slim, at best.

Ukraine, meanwhile, has been clear that they’ll continue fighting to defend their homeland from this invasion.