Twitter Removes Gina Carano’s Account Ahead Of Coming Film

One of the notable actresses a new film depicting the president’s son, “My Son Hunter,” has had her Twitter account deleted just before the release of the film. Gina Carano, a prominent actress in the film, has vanished from the social media giant.

A search for the Twitter handle she previously used results in an error message advising that the account “doesn’t exist” anymore.

At first glance, some users might assume that Carano’s social media profile was removed by moderators after a controversial comment by the former star of Disney’s “The Mandalorian.” A closer look at the message seems to rule out that scenario, though.

When Twitter takes down an account for a violation of its terms of use, the typical message indicates that “this account has been suspended.”

It is possible, however, that Twitter completely removed Carano’s account in a manner similar to a 2017 incident involving then-President Donald Trump. Although his account was permanently suspended in 2020, the previous action by a Twitter employee resulted in a search for his account displaying the message that the “page doesn’t exist.”

As of this writing, it remained unclear whether the actress decided to delete her own account or it was taken down by someone else. In any case, it represents the latest chapter in a narrative that has resulted in Carano being all but blacklisted from Hollywood due to her public statements on multiple topics.

After sharing a post that critics believed attempted to compare conservatives to Jews during the Holocaust, Lucasfilms decided to remove her from further episodes of its Disney+ “Star Wars” spinoff series.

Carano, who is also a former MMA fighter, subsequently defended herself against widespread public criticism, asserting that her controversial post “never said anything about Republicans or conservatives” and was intended as a unifying message for people across the political spectrum.

The Instagram story that ultimately led to her ouster from “The Mandalorian” cast noted that “Jews were beaten in the streets, not by Nazi soldiers but by their neighbors … even by children.”