Twitter Secrets Revealed As Musk Calls Out Its Former Agenda

Conservative filmmaker Dinesh D’Souza took to Twitter Monday, asserting that censorship on Twitter has been a one-way street only targeting conservatives. Of course, after all the “stay woke” apparel Musk found secretly stashed away in the Twitter Headquarters, he agreed with the filmmaker.

D’Souza tagged Musk in his tweet Monday, questioning why there isn’t much talk about democrats and leftists being let back on the platform. He follows the rhetorical question with his answer, stating that their lies and narratives have allowed them to stay on the platform without criticism. D’Souza further says that censorship has only been deployed against conservatives. Musk replied with a simple “Correct” on Tuesday, following his discovery of “stay woke” t-shirts hidden in the Twitter HQ closets.

Since Musk’s Twitter takeover, he has been reinstating accounts banished by the former CEO and bigwigs at the company. Among the accounts reinstated have been former President Donald Trump and GOP Rep. Marjorie Taylor. Democrats have sneered at Musk for the returns, calling him a right-wing bogeyman.

Musk has repeatedly tweeted about the double standards and high expectations the leftist media puts out to support their agenda. The new Twitter owner’s central promise for the company is to return to free speech despite media agenda and narratives. Earlier this month, he even urged independent voters to back Republicans during the 2022 midterms to ensure “shared power curbs.”

Additionally, Musk had a huge laugh at the secret stash of “Stay Woke” t-shirts in the HQ closet. Many replied when he took to the platform for the big closet reveal. Rasmussen Reports stated that any rumors about viewpoint discrimination on “Old Twitter” are baseless without evidence. The dissident sarcastically replied that the t-shirts were just right-wing propaganda.