UFC Champ Calls For Release of Epstein Client List

Another prominent voice called for authorities to release the names on Jeffrey Epstein and Ghislaine Maxwell’s client list. UFC Champion Israel Adesanya, just ahead of his weekend win over Jared Cannonier, demanded the “pedos” be made public.

The native of Nigeria spoke during the weigh-in of his championship bout and directly referenced Maxwell, who was sentenced to 20 years in prison last month for sex trafficking. His question is one that many are asking. “Where’s the list?”

Another prominent voice who asked that question was Tesla and SpaceX CEO Elon Musk. Last month the billionaire tweeted a meme of “things I’ll never see,” which included a dragon, dinosaurs, a unicorn, and “the Epstein/Maxwell client list.”

Musk added that the only thing more striking than the DOJ not leaking the list is that the media is stone silent about the very newsworthy happenings. Everything, even Supreme Court draft decisions, gets leaked in 2022. But not the list.

When a Twitter user responded to Musk by posting a picture of him next to Maxwell, he quickly responded. Acknowledging that Maxwell “photobombed” him at an Oscars party, he then questioned why more aren’t curious about people who went to Epstein’s island dozens of times.

Epstein, who allegedly committed suicide in jail while awaiting trial, hobnobbed along with Maxwell in the company of the rich and powerful. It was common knowledge among their accusers that their elite circle included everyone from royalty and former presidents to business leaders and Hollywood stars.

Two pilots who flew Epstein and his pals around the world and to and from his private Caribbean islands testified at Maxwell’s trial. Both rattled off lists of names, though no one mentioned was accused of any wrongdoing.

One person who was directly implicated was Prince Andrew, the Duke of York. Earlier this year, he settled a New York federal lawsuit out of court. He was accused by a female victim, who was underage at the time of the abuse, of various abuses at many locations while she was being controlled by Epstein and Maxwell.

Part of his agreement was to make a “substantial donation” to his accuser’s charity “in support of victim’s rights.” The British monarchy stripped the disgraced prince of titles, and he caught a convenient case of COVID for Queen Elizabeth’s Jubilee last month.

There is an outcry from many for a day of reckoning for those who were powerful enough to use Epstein and Maxwell’s “Lolita Express.” But it’s that exact power that will likely prevent the incriminating list from ever seeing the light of day.