US Department Of State Confirms That Middle Eastern Terror Groups Are Alive And Well Across The Globe

When the US withdrew from Afghanistan, it was clear that the Middle East wouldn’t be a friendlier place. Before the troops could even get out, there was a suicide bomber who attacked the Kabul, Afghanistan airport that US troops were guarding to get people out of the country.

Only months later, there was another suicide bomber that killed 47 and injured 70 at a Shiite Mosque in southern Afghanistan. Before that, a suicide bomber killed dozens in northern Afghanistan at a Shiite Mosque.

While the federal government claims that White supremacy is the greatest threat to the United States, you can see that it’s not the case. The southern border is still booming with little to no effort to stop illegal aliens from entering the country, and the rising threats of Jihad are all too real, and the federal government admits it.

The US Department of State said, “Among the many accomplishments highlighted in the 2020 report are our efforts to broaden the Global Coalition to Defeat ISIS’s focus to address new areas of concern, the first terrorist designation of a Racially or Ethnically Motivated Violent Extremists (REMVE) group, and the growing number of countries that have designated Hizballah as a terrorist organization.”

So, middle eastern terror groups are still a problem? Thanks for at least admitting it.

They can’t hide from the facts anymore because lying doesn’t work.

Say what you want about former President Donald Trump. Still, he made peace deals between Israel and major middle eastern countries, brought people together, and did everything possible to keep terrorist organizations at bay.

ISIS has taken an enormous hit in the middle east and has lost territory to Iraq and Syria. ISIS “and its branches continue to mount a worldwide terrorism campaign, carrying out deadly attacks globally,” according to a report by the US Department of States.

The report noticed that Trump’s administration made major advancements, and the US partners did. That’s more proof that Trump’s foreign policies were significantly different, and the withdrawal from Afghanistan would have been done differently.

The report says that terrorist organizations spread out over more areas across the middle east and Africa to carry out terror attacks and garner resources. Iran supports the terror groups, and the report says, “Iran supported proxies and partner groups in Bahrain, Iraq, Lebanon, Syria, and Yemen, including Hezbollah and Hamas.”

Maybe Lauren Boebert (R-CO) was right to call “The Squad” the “Jihad Squad.”

It was also discovered that the Sunni and Shi’a jihadis were working together and globally, the Islamic Revolutionary Guard Corps-Quds Force was the “primary Iranian actors involved in supporting terrorist recruitment, financing, and plots across Europe, Africa, and Asia and both Americas.”

The report isn’t shocking to anyone who’s been paying attention, but the left is going to be left without words and further their assault on Trump for the “Islamophobic” assessment.