US Majority Supports Immediate Election Audits

Despite what the mainstream media hammers home about the “proven” integrity of American elections, the U.S. public is hardly convinced. A new poll shows a solid 56% of voters support a requirement that elections be audited “immediately” upon their conclusion.

The question simply asked if every state should require ballots to be available after elections for immediate bipartisan reviews. This would be done to ensure both confidence in the electoral process and transparency.

This data from Rasmussen Reports and The National Pulse showed a widespread level of support for election integrity, something Democrats preach about but hardly practice. A full 68% of Republicans favor the idea along with 57% of Independents.

For Democrats, that number is 45%.

The survey was conducted nationally via telephone and online. Pollsters found an amazing 52% of likely voters believe that it is somewhat likely that cheating played a part in the 2020 presidential outcome. Thirty-six percent found it very likely, and 30% said not at all likely.

Every single question in the expansive survey showed Republican voters more concerned about cheating than Democrats. Over 75% of Republicans and 64% of Independents felt preventing cheating is more important, but only 37% of Democrats agreed.

Another line of demarcation came with making it easier to vote. Sixty percent of Democrats put that as their number one concern compared to only 20% of Republicans and 33% of Independents.

A majority of American voters are skeptical of the integrity of mail-in ballots. Those who find it somewhat likely that this method leads to more cheating numbered 58%, and 39% deem it very likely to damage the honesty of election results.

Thirty-six percent of respondents believe that mail-in voting is unlikely to lead to more cheating and 16% said not likely at all.

Democrats want the nation to believe that the balloting process is foolproof and immune to dishonesty. The nation, however, clearly does not concur. Further proof came in the staggering 80% of likely voters who felt election integrity will be important in November’s congressional elections.