View Host Gives CLUE About What Happened During MYSTERIOUS Kamala Interview

It turns out that The View hosts aren’t immune to Covid-19. Two hosts were escorted off the stage during a live broadcast because they tested positive for Covid-19 even though they had already gotten the Covid-19 vaccine. Then they said it was a false positive, so who knows what happened. 

In the same episode, Vice President Kamala Harris was supposed to be a guest. That didn’t happen. The interview was cut by 30 minutes. How convenient. Who knows what could have been asked had the full interview been able to go on, but what’s shocking is the reaction afterward.  

Ana Navarro had to take a third test after testing negative after two of the tests she took. It seems like they’re overdoing it a little bit.  

The theatrics of Covid-19 is interesting. Who knows if the co-cost tested negative after revealing they were all fully vaccinated. If she’s still in quarantine, that would mean that she tested positive, right? Isn’t that the protocol? If she’s waiting for an additional negative test, she may have tested positive and is waiting to test negative. Whatever theory you want to believe, you might be right.  

The fact that only two of them were taken off the show after they’ve all been exposed to each other was a bit odd. After exposure to a person who tests positive for Covid-19, you should quarantine, at least that’s according to the CDC.  

With more breakthrough cases of Covid-19 and the rich and famous disregarding the mask and social distancing mandates they support, it wouldn’t be surprising if others tested positive for Covid-19 after getting vaccinated.  

Harris isn’t in a position to get sick because she was to be ready to take President Joe Biden’s spot at any moment.  

Harris said, “but it also does speak to the fact that they’re vaccinated, and vaccines make all the difference because otherwise we would be concerned about hospitalization and worse” about the incident. Statistically, hospitalization isn’t a critical differential factor in Covid-19 infections if you’re vaccinated or not. Approximately 2% of all Covid-19 cases result in hospitalization, even though most democrats believe it’s 50%.