Virginia Governor Youngkin Starts Term With A Bang

New Republican Virginia Governor Glenn Youngkin kicked off his first day in office on Saturday with a flourish that can signal strength to governors around the nation. Youngkin immediately began working on making good on his campaign with his initial official actions.

Among the wide-ranging orders Youngkin signed into effect, he directed the end of Critical Race Theory in public education, withdrew from “green energy” government initiatives that have been hurting the state’s economy, and rescinded COVID-19 vaccine mandates for state employees.

The new governor promised to restore integrity and public confidence in the state parole board and has taken aggressive steps to emphasize a renewed commitment to criminal justice. His appointment of Attorney General Jason Miyares was accompanied by the announcement that the state office will take over prosecution of crimes in cases where district attorneys backed by George Soros refuse to act.

Youngkin also entered executive orders that empower parents to make all decisions for their children regarding wearing masks in public school, to begin an investigation of official wrongdoing in Loudoun County, and to declare the state “open for business” following the COVID-19 pandemic.

He also entered administrative directives that promise to cut “job-killing regulations” by 25 percent and end all state-issued vaccine mandates.

New Lieutenant Governor Winsome Sears joined with Governor Youngkin in calling for an end to state government overreach and returning power to the state’s citizens whenever possible. She emphasized that the order to investigate violations of law and other claims of corruption by Loudoun County school officials and bureaucrats could significantly influence school districts around the country.

Of course, it will take time to see how the Youngkin Administration implements the new policy directives that have been declared and how they will be received long-term by the voters. There is no question that the new governor has started with a strong signal that he means business about being responsive to the citizens who put him in office.