Virginia School District Sued Over Gender Identity Coverup

The blending of kids’ education and left-wing politics continues to cause problems in schools across the United States.

Teachers of very young kids have gone viral on TikTok and other social media platforms for confessing how they make their students pledge allegiance to the Pride flag and whatnot.

Then, one teacher was forced to step down after being caught teaching with flashcards that featured a pregnant man.

Parents throughout the nation continue to make it clear they don’t want teachers exposing their kids to left-wing gender theories and other political agendas. Yet, schools are not listening to these parents.

Instead, they’re still pushing these agendas on kids; only now, they’re trying to conceal these lesson plans from parents. That led to one school district in Virginia facing a serious lawsuit.

Reviewing Legal Action Against Harrisonburg City Public Schools
Harrisonburg City Public Schools has been caught strong-arming teachers into referring to students by their hand-picked pronouns and names. Teachers who push back against this are subject to disciplinary action.

However, what really puts the icing on the cake is the Virginia school district’s malicious deception behind the whole thing.

Harrisonburg City Public Schools, while carrying out this action, also tried to keep parents in the dark about their kids’ gender identities and how they’re being referred to in schools.

This is what prompted the lawsuit against the school district.

Alliance Defending Freedom (ADF) is the plaintiff of the lawsuit and has the backing of parents and teachers alike. The legal action argues that Harrisonburg City Public Schools violated teachers’ religious rights, along with their rights to free speech.

While releasing a press release on the lawsuit, ADF held the Virginia school district’s feet to the fire for intentionally misleading mothers and fathers about their kids.

In response to the litigation, a Harrisonburg City Public Schools official released a statement about the district’s supposed “nondiscrimination policies.”

More Pervasive Than Believed?
As of late, more and more schools have been revealed as pushing these radical gender politics in classrooms while trying to keep it all from parents.

Naturally, this raises questions about what other school districts may be engaging in similar behaviors and have yet to be caught.

Overall, the entire situation has put parents on edge about what their kids are being taught and exposed to.