Vladimir Putin Is ‘Playing’ Joe Biden Like A ‘Fiddle’

On Monday, Putin acknowledged Russian-dominated areas of Ukraine, which was followed by a brief invasion of “peacekeepers,” who traveled by bus rather than APC. Putin does not require a full-scale invasion since his strategy is brilliant. He’s willing to go to any length to attain his goals, and if an invasion, most likely surgical, is his only option, he’ll accept the risk.

Moreover, sanctions imposed after the event, as their deranged President advocates, will not dissuade Putin. He perceives weakness and indecision among Western leaders, most notably Biden. He’ll almost certainly assume that sanctions will be lifted soon. A considerable land conflict in Eastern Europe would not only result in tremendous loss and damage, but it would also increase the potential of escalation.

Underestimating Putin is as unwise as underestimating any opponent. Putin is a one-dimensional man if you consume American media. To reclaim former Soviet satraps, he could use subversion and deception. However, Russia is not the titan that Cold War-obsessed think-tank analysts portray. A powerful individual, an apex predator, as Putin assesses his rivals.

Furthermore, Joe Biden and his managers blatantly and recklessly threw away the United States’ most powerful tool in deterring Putin: American energy independence, our capacity to meet much of Western Europe’s energy demands (particularly Germany’s), and Biden’s imprudent acceptance of Russia’s Nord Stream 2 Pipeline. Putin considers Biden to be coming from a position of strength or weakness. If he’s a focused strategist, the pressure of massed soldiers and armaments may be enough to cause the capitulations he needs to achieve his aim.

In negotiations, Biden will give Putin de facto control of Ukraine while denying doing so. In exchange, Putin would “deescalate” along Ukraine’s borders, and the media will portray Biden as a statesman whose jawboning saved the country from war. Isn’t it true that, while Putin is playing Biden, the President is also trying to play people, the American people? No, the dog isn’t wagging in this case.

Undercover the increasingly phony COVID epidemic, Joe Biden declares an emergency. Affluent white progressives profit from racial hate to satisfy their greedy desires for power. Last year, 100,000 people died due to illicit drug use. Let’s put a stop to it. A massive diversion is in progress. It has nothing to do with Putin. Trust the intelligence agencies, such as the CIA, involved in the most severe political scandal in American history, the Russia Collusion Hoax? Trust that cretin, Mark Milley, who went over Trump’s back after the 2020 elections to convince his PRC counterpart that a nuclear war on China would be prevented?