Warren Steps Up Attacks On Musk’s Free Speech Commitment

Far left Sen. Elizabeth Warren intensified her attacks on new Twitter CEO Elon Musk over his defense of 1st Amendment free speech rights on the social media platform.

Warren recently declared that “one human being” should not have power over the virtual town square and called for increased — not less — content moderation. She claimed that an individual should not be able to determine, “oh, that person gets heard from, that person doesn’t.”

Which, of course, was exactly what Twitter was doing before Musk’s controversial acquisition. That is of no consequence to Warren, however, since the voices previously being stifled were almost entirely conservative.

Instead, what matters to the Massachusetts senator is that the playing field is being leveled.

She argued that decisions on “de-platforming” an individual should have transparency and that a “lot of people ought to be able to have input to it.”

Warren, perhaps the staunchest congressional opponent of successful business, recently signed on to a letter to the Federal Trade Commission. She and some colleagues accused Musk of implementing “alarming steps that have undermined the integrity and safety of the platform.”

Further, the letter claimed that changes being undertaken will lead to “fraud, scams, and dangerous impersonation.”

This is hardly the first shot taken by Warren against Musk. When the potential deal became public in the spring, the senator tweeted that it was “dangerous for democracy.”

What is apparent is that anything that runs counter to the left-wing narrative and may spread conservatism is a danger to U.S. democracy.

At the same time, Warren said that “billionaires like Elon Musk play by a different set of rules than everyone else.”

Earlier this year she pushed for regulations to protect social media from the wealthy.

And when Time magazine last year awarded the entrepreneur with its “Person of the Year” designation, Warren was livid. She told anyone willing to listen that Musk was a “freeloader” for whom laws needed to be changed to ensure that he pays his “fair share” in taxes.

Few play the “money is evil” card more than Sen. Warren, though, with her recent national campaign results, there are precious few who are listening. And it’s telling that wealthy liberal, such as Facebook’s Mark Zuckerberg, somehow manage to avoid her intense scrutiny.