Washington DC’s Health Department Facing Lawsuit

When COVID-19 first emerged, Americans were told, “we’re all in this together.” However, this quickly changed after people’s jobs and businesses were deemed “not essential” and therefore forcibly closed by the government.

Months later, governments began enacting harsh COVID-19 vaccine mandates in the name of “stopping the spread.” Individuals and businesses who didn’t fall in line with these mandates were often ostracized and excluded from society.

One bar in Washington DC, The Big Board, is all too familiar with this. The DC Health Department viciously went after this bar, cramming mask and vaccine mandates down its throat.

Even after these mandates passed, the city’s health department forced the establishment to close for some time, causing the owner and workers untold losses in wages. Now, The Big Board is fighting back with a lawsuit.

What to Know About the Lawsuit Against the DC Health Department
According to The Big Board’s lawsuit, the local health department went past its legal bounds by forcing the restaurant to close, even after the DC vaccine mandate was lifted. The city, of course, claims the closure is due to The Big Board’s noncompliance with the mandates.

Though why the establishment would be forcibly closed by the city even after the mandate was lifted has a lot of people scratching their heads. The Big Board believes it’s about power and control, not health or safety.

In public statements, the bar’s owner points out that D.C. isn’t an all-powerful entity. This means the local government still has to abide by certain limits. Though the health department chose to “side sweep” and ignore the laws designed to prevent government tyranny.

The city’s decision to put through a vaccine mandate without congressional approval or involvement is also being challenged by the lawsuit.

An Ongoing Problem in Washington DC
To this day, unscientific COVID-19 vaccine mandates are still active in the nation’s capital. In schools, for instance, students attending public schools are mandated to get these shots even though they don’t prevent the spread of the virus.

Without pushback against these mandates, more people may be subjected to similar edicts in the future. By The Big Board and other groups now fighting back against government overreach, they could very well be preventing even worse acts of tyranny later down the line.