Washington Post Editorial Board FEARS For Afghan Refugees Who Will Come In Contact With Trump Supporters

Robert Spencer wrote an analysis at PJ Media on Wednesday of a Washington Post op-ed piece from earlier in the week in which the Post touted the ways that Afghan refugees are going to make America “better.”

The Post predicts that the Afghans will find problems in America, with the same people that the Post has issues with, of course. The op-ed lamented the situation refugees would experience, where “the bigotry oozes forth” from “former president Donald Trump.” It continues by saying that Trump set their evacuation in motion by “signing a deal” with the Taliban and is now warning of terrorists “infiltrating” America, along with the Republican Party’s “nativist ranks.”

Spencer asks if it could ever become unwise in the view of the Post to bring in refugee groups that contain an unknown number of active jihadis. The Post fails even to ask the question, much less show any concern about it. Instead, the paper says that Trump and his “Republican acolytes at Fox News” and Congress conjure up fear for political gain.

The editorial states that Afghan refugees will become as “thoroughly American” as their “native-born peers,” and their ambition will be an “enduring gift.” No explanation is offered as to how the refugees will so wholly assimilate into American life, especially since the editors show complete disdain and contempt for at least half of all actual native Americans.

Spencer cites some of the instances of terrorism carried out in America by refugees to counter the Post’s assertion that the number is “minuscule.” He references attacks in 2016 at Ohio State University, Washington state, New York, and New Jersey as only a quickly assembled list of attacks carried out by Muslim refugees.

He points out that the Washington Post seems comfortable with the risk presented by bringing in thousands of people who have just left a war-torn country and simply hoping that none of them will have any desire to harm Americans.

Rather than promoting discussion of the potential costs involved with a massive influx of Afghans directly into American communities, the Post looks to shut down any conversation with automatic claims of bigotry and political motivation against anyone who might dare to disagree with its fact-free assertions. The paper’s editorial board doesn’t have much of a personal interest in such a discussion. After all, the refugees will not be sent to live inside their gated communities.