What Happened And Where Is Gavin Newsom?

The supply chain shortage looms over the United States as politicians make promises that they might not be able to fulfill. Secretary of Transportation Pete Buttigieg thinks it’s a monumental step in the economy’s progress. At the same time, citizens sit back and worry about how they’ll live without regular supplies of necessary products. 

California Governor Gavin Newsom was a no-show at the Climate Conference, and there’s good news, the Governor of the most leftist state is fully vaccinated. That means he’s received the booster shot, one of many to come, I’m sure. 

After mandating the Covid-19 vaccine for children just weeks before a federal appeals court put a stay on President Joe Biden’s vaccine mandates, you have to ask yourself what it’s all for. Less than 600 children have died from the Covid-19 virus. Suppose the Covid-19 vaccine somehow gives more children adverse effects than has gotten seriously ill from the virus itself. In that case, it could spell trouble for the mandates and possible accountability of pushing it on so many people. 

Kevin Kiley, a possible replacement for Newsom, made a good point on Twitter. “California has 11% of the nation’s workers and produced 26% of its unemployment claims last week. It is the “new normal” Newsom promised from the start.”

That’s a sign of a couple of different things. Either one, many lazy people in California want to juice their bank account from the government. Two, they don’t have jobs available to sustain their life. Or three, they don’t want to be forced to get the Covid-19 vaccine to provide for their family. All three are negative examples of what life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness are about. 

Then, Portland Mayor Ted Wheeler refunded the police after kicking them to the curb and causing many to quit. It turns out the police are a great thing! 

We all knew that all along, but it took Wheeler a little longer to realize. Progressive ideas can only be as good as the danger to the politician. There’s no need to be concerned for the public. They come last. 

The people calling for more police action were put on blast, so it’s hilarious that this would happen. Wheeler is offering a $25,000 bonus for police to sign on, so we’ll see if the cash advantage is worth it to the officers who may apply. The standards will have to be lowered to get officers to work, which will likely lead to more bad behavior from police as some people may be desperate for a job but lack the vital skills necessary to the profession.