What Is He Hiding? Sen. Durbin Refuses To Reopen Biden ATF Nomination Hearings

The US Chair of the Senate Judiciary Committee Dick Durbin refused to reopen hearings on Biden’s nominated Chairman of the Alcohol, Tobacco, Firearms, and Explosives (ATF), David Chipman. Durbin received a letter that urged him to look into the nomination of Chipman, accusing him of racism and demanding a second hearing on his nomination. Still, he is refusing to reopen the confirmation hearings. He was charged with using racially derogatory language, and evidence backs up the claims with a history of such behaviors observed by the agency members.

For decades, the agents working at ATF have reported to Reload about hearing accusations regarding Chipman degrading the Black agents of ATF that were up for promotion. The members also admitted to listening to the allegation before they were even referenced in the letter to Durbin. According to the reports, Chipman speculated the African American Agents at the ATF make it to the Promotion list, insinuating that they cheated. An agent of ATF who worked closely with Chipman also agreed to the accusations and added that someone had to file a complaint against him.

Chipman has acknowledged the complaint against him but has refused to answer Senator Ted Cruz for his written question about it, raising further speculations. The protest has still not been made public, and Durbin is protecting Chipman by saying that Reload has a political agenda to degrade him. He wrote back to the letter demanding the rehearing of Chipman’s nomination, stating that there is no evidence to back up the accusation. His letter was a refusal to those asking for another hearing, calling the issue completely baseless. The owner of the Reload, Stephen Gutowski, on the other hand, has backed up the accusations with enough.

If the complaint is made public, everything will be in the open. If he were a Republican, he would not have stood a chance at the nomination after such accusations. Still, the democrats know how to make such a politically damaging issue disappear.