What Is It About Harris That She Has Failed So Many Times?

Vice President Kamala Harris’ poll numbers have reached 28%. She’s intellectually and politically incompetent as she stands at this moment. She hasn’t done anything since she’s been in office, and President Joe Biden might be on his way to replace her, or at least Jill Biden. Jill’s already been on the move to find out if she can get a vice president out of office.

The American people were clear that they didn’t like Harris. Vox reported in December of 2019, “After a blockbuster debate performance in June, Sen. Kamala Harris shot up in the national polls, peaking at 15 percent voter support. Cut to five months later, and she’s announced her decision to drop out, after polling in the single digits.”

Tell me again why she’s the vice president? We could all see this coming, and Biden and his team should have as well. Biden picked Harris strictly because she’s a woman, and Harris is a Black American. That’s it. There weren’t any other standards. Biden said himself to Joy Reid, “I am not committed to naming any (of the potential candidates), but the people I’ve named, and among them, there are four Black women.”

Harris began her career trying to become famous. She appeared with Montel Williams, and whatever the relationship was, it was suspicious. After that escapade, she landed herself in the California Attorney General spot. What a jump. According to Tucker Carlson, she dated Williams, and Williams isn’t happy about him taking notice. I would be embarrassed if I were Williams too. Carlson even went as far as to invite Williams on the show to fill in some gaps in Harris’ rise to power.

It isn’t a great thing whatever Harris has going on or has had to go on her whole life. She’s failed upward so many times that it seems complicated for her to succeed. That’s all she knows. If she continues, she could fail to be the leader of the entire world.