What Makes Americans So Confident That Biden Can Speak To Putin When He Can’t Even Read A Teleprompter?

You know something is up when President Joe Biden’s address to the nation is much shorter than other spokespeople across the entire federal government. Press Secretary Jen Psaki regularly makes longer statements and takes many questions, but our President can’t?

Biden was late to address the nation, and he only spoke for 10 minutes. That’s not good. Even worse? Biden didn’t take any questions. What is that supposed to relay to the American people and the world? Psaki isn’t going to shy from questions, and good on her for it. She’s one of the only people in the federal government who can respond quickly to questions. That’s not to say she’s headed in the right direction, but as far as cognitive awareness, Psaki is pretty close to the top.

The media, who lost the opportunity to ask Biden questions, blamed Biden for hindering their reporting ability. Does that make sense?

David Muir with ABC said, “President Biden there in the East Room not taking any questions, likely given the gravity of the moment the world is facing.”

The man who’s supposed to have all of the information is the one who’s not answering the questions that Americans deserve to have answered? That’s a backward way to tackle this crisis. Americans can only go off what the media reports, and it’s been proven that the American people don’t trust the media.

It doesn’t matter how hard it is to answer questions, and if specific topics can’t be discussed, then don’t discuss them, but Biden should answer some of the essential questions for God’s sake. It is a re-take from the withdrawal from Afghanistan where Biden didn’t take questions or address the nation.

There may have been a sense of hope that Biden wouldn’t answer questions and seem just as incompetent as he is. Biden began his speech by smiling from ear to ear. Was that on purpose? What would Biden have to smile about?

Bumbling through a speech claiming that “we’ve said all along and I’ve told Putin face to face some more than a month ago that we would act.”

What makes anyone think that Biden told Putin to his face anything but a stumbling string of sentences that couldn’t be understood? It was Biden reading from a teleprompter not sitting face to face with a world leader threatening to invade a neighboring country in an unscripted conversation. It has been a disaster from the beginning, and the only thing Republicans can say at this point is, “I told you so.”