Whistleblower Helps Expose ‘Damaging’ Gender Treatment For Kids

A number of Republican-led states have enacted bans on gender-transition surgery and other treatments for minors even as leftists and mainstream media fact-checkers assert that the issue has been overblown by conservatives and young children are not receiving such procedures on a large scale.

Now, Republican Missouri Attorney General Andrew Bailey is attempting to expose the true scope of the problem by releasing information about “a shadowy, clandestine network” of clinics across his state “that are encouraging kids to come in” for services aimed at supporting their belief that they are transgender.

As he explained in a recent interview, details about these facilities came to the surface in response to an investigation into whistleblower complaints about the Pediatric Transgender Center at St. Louis Children’s Hospital.

Bailey said that the whistleblower “is self-described as a progressive” and worked at the clinic before determining that employees were engaging in extreme procedures.

“And so when she says these procedures go too far and that there aren’t adequate safety guards in place and the children are being harmed, we’ve got to take it seriously.”

Part of his office’s probe involves determining whether this clinic and other facilities in the state are breaking the law by providing children with unproven treatments without the consent of their parents.

Based on what his team has already uncovered as part of the ongoing investigation, Bailey said: “They’re encouraging them to believe they have mental health problems and then are jumping the gun to administer puberty blockers and cross-sex hormones and recommending — ultimately — surgery that’s damaging and irreversible.”

As for his concerns about the current trend, the attorney general called such treatments the result of “a woke left-wing ideology that’s masquerading as medicine and it’s harming children,” noting that several European nations that are even more progressive than the U.S. have already recognized the problem and have “abandoned these kinds of treatments.”

Furthermore, he noted that his office has determined that clinics are approving “experimental medication and puberty blockers and cross-sex hormones that are not approved by the [Food and Drug Administration] for this kind of procedure.”

According to a Trafalgar Group poll conducted in October, nearly four-fifths of voters across political lines “believe underage minors should be required to wait until they are adults to legally use puberty blockers and undergo permanent sex-change procedures.”