White House IMPLIES Socialism Will Be EASIER To Implement Due To Health Crisis

With employment numbers becoming an issue while job numbers are rising, the White House should be concerned about their ability to lead. Supply chain issues are coming up, and the recent Covid-19 vaccine mandates are starting to threaten the United States’ ability to provide services.  

Press Secretary Jen Psaki said that President Joe Biden wants to make a fundamental change in our economy, and it sounds more like socialism than anything else. Why else would Biden be imploring the IRS to look into American bank accounts? Biden’s administration wants to take total control rather than let Americans be free.  

She said that if we don’t address child care, climate change, and ensure that universal pre-K is a reality, then we won’t be able to do it again for some time. That sounds like Psaki is saying that these things have to take place while Biden is in office, and the Republicans can’t stop it. That was the plan, at least. Democrats are starting to band together and stop the massive spending that can’t be taken back, and the huge spending bills that are being put forward are getting small and smaller as Democrats push back. It seems that Biden thought that total control would make things easier, but common sense prevails.  

Psaki says that making these changes is going to be much easier coming out of the pandemic. That means that while the economy is getting a reboot, government regulations and government intervention in fundamental resources will have to take place. That’s not true. If Biden would leave people alone and not place ridiculous mandates on them, the country would return to normal, and the United States will thrive again. Biden is causing this crisis by failing at every step. 

The left desires to make sure every American complies. That’s become more evident than ever. They try to divide Americans by race, vaccine status, or anything that will work at the time. After Biden got in office, race issues seemed to disappear, and now he’s all about vaccine mandates calling it a “pandemic of the unvaccinated.”  

The fact is, more consideration is being given to socialist agendas like the Paris Climate Accord, the United Nations partnership to investigate racism in the United States, and collaboration with the World Health Organization that former President Donald Trump opted out of. The desire to control production and manufacturing by the Democrats is astounding as they try to push for basic income and socialized healthcare. It’s just not going to work. It’s going to fail just like all of Biden’s other proposals.