White House Just Caught In Major Lie About What Biden Is Doing At The Border

After two days of asking for the number of Haitian migrants released into the United States from Del Rio, Texas, the White House still didn’t know. Jen Psaki said that the Department of Homeland Security Secretary wanted to give an accurate number. Still, in 2 days, the accuracy of the information will be misrepresented as the processing of Haitian migrants continues.  

President Joe Biden’s administration seems to be trying to give time for the news and media to turn toward a different direction so that they can brush the story under the rug. Mayorkas finally answered the question on September 26th, 2021, saying that as many as 12,000 of the 17,000 Haitian immigrants have been released into the United States. What should be noted is that Mayorkas said that it could be more because he knows it’s more. The 12,000 number is from several days ago because the federal government wanted to give the smallest number possible when it first raised the question. They know they’re messing things up, and Biden’s approval rating is dropping, so of course, they wouldn’t release the actual number.  

This exact situation sends a message to the entire world. There are no repercussions for violating the border of the United States. The federal government will let you in no matter what. And with arrests being made of people linked to terrorist organizations, the shocking realization that Americans need to come to is that the southern border is a hotbed for terrorist organizations to enter the United States.  

The southern border crisis is Biden’s fault. His promise to immigrants that they could come into the country led to mass waves of migrants flooding the border that hadn’t been seen in years. Biden’s continued lack of respect for law and order in the United States will be the downfall of this country. The Supreme Court ruled that Biden had to reinstate the “remain in Mexico” policy that doesn’t seem to be implemented. Del Rio, Texas, is inside of the United States. Haitian migrants are seeking asylum, and the remainder in Mexico policy says that migrants seeking asylum have to stay in Mexico until they’re cleared to enter the United States. That’s not happening.  

Statistically, only 44% of immigrants given court dates show up to those court dates. That means that if the low estimate of 12,000 is correct, then approximately 5,000 of the Haitian immigrants wouldn’t ever show up for a court date. That’s a problem. Courts have already had a backlog of cases before the flood of Mexican immigrants, and it’s not going to get better with this new wave. Additionally, Biden’s infrastructure bill spending is throwing the United States into more debt, and adding federal judges to handle caseloads will take more money from taxpayers to fund. That’s going to end in disaster as we move forward with the Biden administration.  

Any way you look at it, American taxes will be raised because of this flood of immigration. Government programs will have to aid immigrants on the federal and state level, which will ultimately lead to citizens paying for it. There’s no way that this is good for the U.S.