White House Press Secretary Doubles Down on Opposing US Energy Production

American energy production would be a golden solution to the expensive prices Americans are paying to fuel their vehicles.

During the Trump administration, US energy independence allowed for gas prices that were a fraction of where they stand today. Meanwhile, Trump ensured that America didn’t rely on hostile, enemy nations like Russia, Iran and others for oil.

Since Biden’s time in office, he’s taken the polar opposite approach to energy. Americans are all the worse off for it.

To the frustration of many Americans, even as the per gallon cost for gas reaches $7 in certain communities, the White House is still standing against US energy production, as Twitchy points out.

The Latest from the White House on American Energy Production

During a press conference on Tuesday, White House Press Secretary Jen Psaki was questioned about the Mountain Valley Pipeline in West Virginia.

Sen. Joe Manchin has stated the completion of this pipeline would go a long way towards domestic energy production and bringing down gas costs. However, Psaki sang the opposite tune.

According to Psaki, the White House doesn’t see the Mountain Valley Pipeline, or the building of any other pipeline, as a fix to reducing energy costs.

During press other press conferences, Psaki has also claimed that oil companies are lying about domestic energy production and failing to move forward with oil leases that have yet to be used. Meanwhile, what she isn’t admitting is that drilling permits, not just oil leases, are what the energy sector needs for US energy production.

At every turn, the White House has stood against these permits. Biden blocked drilling permits last year. Meanwhile, the White House admits gas prices are expected to keep rising.

The White House’s Favored Solution

While the White House opposes American energy production, it is on record citing what it does view as an appropriate solution.

Biden, Psaki and other members of the Biden administration believe that electric vehicles will be the fix to costly gas prices. Meanwhile, Americans today can’t afford to pay for electric vehicles any more than they can afford gas that is now up to $7 per gallon in some areas.

Ironically, electric vehicles also require oil in order to be produced. Furthermore, widespread use of electric vehicles in the United States would increase our nation’s reliance on the Chinese communist government.

As China works to overtake the US on the world stage, the last thing we should be doing as a nation is helping them along the way.