Will Manchin And Sinema Deliberately Delay And Spare Us?

Logical Democrats are holding back President Joe Biden’s administration from wreaking havoc on the American people. Kyrsten Sinema (D-AZ) and Joe Manchin (D-WV) were a massive part of getting the infrastructure bill cost down to $1.75 trillion rather than the $3.5 trillion that was initially projected.  

The most significant part of Sinema’s actions is unwavering in her opinions and policy suggestions. A reporter said, “Sinema said she is unmoved by criticism by the left-wing of the Democrat Party and some moderates who have blasted her demand to scale back the budget reconciliation bill and threatened to recruit primary challengers to run against her in 2024.” 

They’re missing because Sinema has a lot of Republican and Democrat support right now. Both parties have been impressed with her ability to push back against her party regardless of the repercussions that could have followed. It takes a brave politician to do that with no insight of re-election if it was an unpopular move. But, it’s not about popularity. It’s about doing the right thing for the country.  

Manchin is concerned about inflation, and everyone else should work as well. Gas prices remind us that Americans pay for it when politicians make the wrong move and send the country in the wrong direction.  

There’s going to have to be more politicians that have a bi-partisan consensus that they aren’t going to go along with these spending bills and packages. It’s not healthy for the economy and not suitable for the American people as a whole. Tax increases, climate change spending, and inflation are huge impacts on the American people and with higher taxes comes higher product costs. The shortages are another issue that will affect the supply and demand ratio causing prices to increase and fewer products available.  

Wage increases aren’t the only thing that needs to happen to allow the economy to stabilize. Businesses need time to bounce back without raising prices to keep up with new increases. Regardless of the outcome, it will be a rough ride because Biden’s plans are more remarkable than spending bills that might not get passed. Outsourcing more oil and energy is certainly the wrong move and will be disastrous if Biden can’t figure it out.