Wisconsin Legislators Prioritize Voter Integrity

If two state senators in Wisconsin get their way, there would be a major gain for election integrity in that state. The efforts by the Badger State politicians may be one of the most effective in the country.

The effort would reform the voter rolls of the Wisconsin Election Commission. The move by state Sens. Andre Jacque and Ty A. Bodden, the voting rolls of Wisconsin will be cleaned up.

This includes more than 3 million inactive voters who are still on the list with more than 3 million active voters. The hope is that the full sweep of the Wisconsin voter rolls will help ensure election integrity and prevent any major possibility of fraud.

Wisconsin has been a pillar of conservative reform efforts. Former Gov. Scott Walker (R) has an excellent example to other states, taking on the powerful public sector unions and pushing through tax cuts.

However, things are different under new Wisconsin Gov. Tony Evers (D).

Considering that Wisconsin saw a documented case of election fraud, there is even more need for a clean slate. There is no way to secure every single ballot box, but making sure that the voting rolls are clean is a good place to start.

There was also a significant battle over whether or not ballot drop boxes are legal in Wisconsin. The efforts by Democrats to change our election laws are getting out of hand.

Even if they don’t win in this round, state Sens. Jacque and Bodden raise an interesting question — hopefully, one that we’ll get an answer to in the coming weeks, months, or even years. Election integrity is always on the ballot, and we need to make sure that our elections are secure and fair.

The job of election security falls on each individual state. That means that there may be a 50-state fight on conservatives’ hands. Each ballot and eligible voter is sacred. We have a responsibility to maintain and improve our election system each and every cycle.