Woke Lesson For Preschoolers Leads to Teacher’s Resignation

Not too long ago, it was understood that children were supposed to go to school for the purposes of learning about subjects like math, reading, science, and writing, rather than woke leftist ideology.

Yet, somewhere along the line, things changed. Gradually, some teachers began exposing kids to “anti-racism” curricula and even teaching very young children about transgenderism, various theories about gender itself, and more.

Across the country, parents have been very clear they don’t view these lesson plans as appropriate, especially when it deals with children who are quite young.

Unfortunately, many left-wing teachers are going forward anyway, still trying to push these uber-woke lessons onto their students. One teacher in North Carolina has since resigned after the fallout of a politically driven lesson.

Pregnant Men on Flashcards?
Biologically speaking, men are demonstrably incapable of getting pregnant. Yet, somehow, this did not stop one teacher from giving a lesson to preschool students that involved a pregnant man on flashcards.

North Carolina’s Ballentine Elementary School was brought up to speed on this disturbing lesson after one of the school’s parents reached out to state Rep. Erin Pare (R).


Pare later proceeded to inform the school’s principal about what transpired. This led to an eventual confiscation of the flashcards depicting a pregnant man, along with the resignation of the teacher using these cards.

It has since come out that these flashcards used by the instructor were intended to teach preschoolers about different colors; however, this still doesn’t explain why a pregnant man would be depicted.

A War on Children’s Education and Parents
Social media has been ablaze ever since news about these flashcards became public knowledge. Many Americans are very concerned and warn that this is the subtle grooming of young children.

Other people stated it’s part of the left’s larger war on children and, by extension, their parents. Several weeks before the “pregnant man” flashcards made news, Joe Biden gave a speech in which he claimed kids belong to teachers, not their parents, when they’re in classrooms.


At the same time as children are being exposed to this sort of content, parents are also battling school officials who aim to teach critical race theory to their kids. Once again, this is another example of a political ideology that has nothing to do with educating youth.

Because of these sorts of incidents, more parents are opening themselves up to homeschooling their children.