Woke Prosecutors Responsible For Crime Surge In American Cities

Last year saw many American cities hit with high crime rates. Experts say that woke liberal prosecutors and policies are to blame for the rising trend.

According to Heritage Foundation Senior Legal Fellow Cully Stimson, crime rates have risen exponentially since 2015 as a result of George Soros-inspired prosecutors, the defund the police rhetoric, and police demoralization.

Manhattan Institute Fellow Hannah Meyers, who agreed with Stimson’s view, said policing, prosecution and incarceration decreases due to woke prosecutors have all contributed to the overall rising crime rate in American cities.

“Drops in arrests have been spurred by, among other things, policies that dissuade officers from engaging suspects, such as NYC’s diaphragm law,” Meyers told The Daily Caller.

The diaphragm law is highly controversial. It holds police officers criminally liable if they restrict a suspect’s breathing by compressing the diaphragm during an arrest. Meyers stated that this law increases the potential risk of injury. The officers also risk professional, legal, and reputational consequences during an arrest.

While murders or homicides rates in 2022 dropped in New York City compared to 2021, Police data showed crimes like robberies, rapes, grand larceny, and grand larceny auto and felony assault and burglary.


Following his election as Manhattan District Attorney in January 2022, Alvin Bragg sent a memo to staff informing them that his office would begin treating armed robberies without a seriously-injured victim or genuine risk of physical harm as misdemeanors.

Bragg’s Memmo means that perpetrators of armed robbery will only get prison time if the crime resulted in death or a serious injury to a victim.

“The Office will not seek a carceral sentence other than for homicide or other cases involving death of a victim, a class B violent felony … domestic violence felonies …” Brags memo reads.

Experts say woke policies such as those in Bragg’s memo are directly linked to the rising crime rate in major cities.