Xi Jinping And His Boys Enjoy A Good Laugh And Respond To Biden’s Profound Weakness

Opportunistic world leaders are taking advantage of President Joe Biden’s mishandling of Afghanistan, and it’s becoming eerily dangerous. After witnessing the worst catastrophe since Saigon in 1975, Biden is losing confidence on the world stage. May Justin Trudeau was right when he said that Biden would be out of the White House by August, although that may have been changed to September.

Talks of holding China accountable for the Covid-19 pandemic and the lab leak being more likely every day have stopped. The main focus of the Biden administration is Covid-19 vaccines and possible lockdowns. The focus of Americans is in so many different directions that leadership is necessary.

Xi Jinping laughs as he sees the Biden administration failing, but I guarantee a different tone would be used if former President Donald Trump was in office. Since seeing the Afghanistan exit strategy fail, Jinping has used military exercises near Taiwan in the sea and air and has already recognized the Taliban as a governmental body. China has influenced Dr. Anthony Fauci as well. Before the pandemic, Fauci refused to accept that the Covid-19 virus escaped a lab and blamed Trump for his guidance on masks and lockdowns. Trump wasn’t against either. Trump encouraged local and state governments to make their best judgment while recognizing freedom and personal liberty.

China has urged the United States to halt military transactions with Taiwan and leave the country, warning that conflict is imminent. China knows that Biden couldn’t handle two wars at once because he can’t even handle one. Taiwan has been declared an independent nation. After the exercises by the Chinese government, the Taiwan defense ministry said, “The nation’s military has a full grasp and has made a full assessment of the situation in the Taiwan strait region, as well as related developments at sea and in the air, and is prepared for various responses.”

The Chinese government will try to force Taiwan to bow down to them, and Biden’s response will be critical for the United States’ involvement in the conflict. With what Biden put on display in Afghanistan, it wouldn’t be a surprise if China attempted to invade the United States. That would be a critical mistake.

Taiwan, seeing the Chinese military closing in and requesting help from The United States and Japan, will be critical for the country’s independence in this new world of global conflict.

The next major decision will come from the United Nations and their involvement in Afghanistan. The U.N. has stated unanimously that the Taliban respects rights, but the Taliban had already rebelled against those words before they were even spoken. Suppose you see how Cuba’s uprising has been handled. In that case, total global segregation may be inevitable for Afghanistan, and the Taliban certainly won’t allow the citizens to speak out against the atrocities they’re about to commit. Women, children, and innocent men will be killed and tortured as they already have. News of death and destruction has been funneling to the U.S. military, active and veterans, and it’s heartbreaking.

Biden and his administration have to be held accountable.