Trump Blasts Migrant Resettlement During Town Hall

Former President Donald Trump criticized the border and immigration policies of President Joe Biden, specifically focusing on the recent news that migrants would be moving into a school in New York City. During the Wednesday forum hosted by Fox News, Trump said that he would fix the border issue swiftly.

Trump cited the recent decision to move students out of James Madison High School in New York to house migrants. The students will be studying remotely during the transition, which city officials claim is temporary.

“We have millions and millions of people here. It is not sustainable. Did you see in New York City with it getting the regular students out and they’re putting migrants in their place?” the former president asked.

“We are going to have the largest deportation effort in the history of our country. We’re bringing everybody back to where they came from. We have no choice. We have no choice,” said Trump.

He also criticized what he described as “chaos at the border” during Biden’s presidency. He said that the current situation is a “disaster, the worst border in history.” Trump said that during his administration, there was the “best border in the history of our country. We never had a border like that.”

The former president called the millions of migrants who have entered the country since Biden took office in 2021 a “nation-wrecking catastrophe on our southern border.”

He added that if he returns to the White House he would “immediately” end “every open borders policy of the Biden administration.”

The former president also said that he would ” invoke the Alien Enemies Act to remove all known or suspected Gang Members, drug dealers or Cartel Members from the United States.”

Trump also added that he would introduce the death penalty for drug dealers. He cited the role of fentanyl and other “deadly poisons” entering the country, “stealing more than 100,000 American lives each year.”

“They are killing our people, they are poisoning our beautiful children,” he said.