Atlanta: The Riots The Media Didn’t See

The Atlanta riots show just how much our media frames public narratives and understanding. If you watched some of the liberal media, you would think the ANTIFA violence in Atlanta was simply a peaceful protest.

Perhaps we should have learned our lesson back in 2020. There is little chance that we will get the true picture of left-wing domestic violence from the mainstream media. Instead, we are seeing a repeat of the aftermath of the George Floyd riots.

Those riots clearly went too far, but CNN described them as “mostly peaceful,” even with a photo of a burning building behind the reporter. There’s spin and then there’s nonsense.

The same playbook may be back with this newest round of rioting. The Atlanta riots may prove to be the first in a new wave of violence in 2023.

There is some progress here. Some of the rioters were arrested promptly, and have already been charged. This was made even more interesting by the fact that Atlanta Mayor Andre Dickens said that none of the rioters actually were from the state of Georgia.

This first major riot of the year shows the scale of left-wing violence, especially since 2020. This type of public lawlessness cannot be tolerated. Georgia Gov. Brian Kemp acted skillfully in stopping the violence.

Hopefully, this will send a signal that such violent outbursts are not acceptable in our society. Perhaps it will discourage other radical groups that the price is just too high.

That may be asking for too much since the massive wave of 2020 riots. However, it’s what our country could use right now.

The rise of groups like Black Lives Matter (B.L.M.), ANTIFA, and more show just how far the left is willing to go to control political power. It also proves the fact that violence is sometimes used by left-wingers in place of an argument.

The swift end to the violence in Georgia may be a very positive thing, indeed.