Migrants Cause Sports Cancelation

A group of several dozen migrants caused the cancelation of a sports match in New York City after the illegal aliens refused to leave a soccer field, even after demands from police. The incident comes amid a series of incidents in New York sparked by the influx of nearly 200,000 migrants to the city over the last two years.

The soccer match in East Harlem in Manhattan was canceled due to the migrants refusing to leave the field. The soccer game was set for April 14 yet was canceled after about 30 migrants refused to leave the yard.

Police were called to the scene but the migrants still did not leave. The teams were asked for a permit to play the game.

Citing the delay and safety concerns the game was called off.

Some parents said that they did not want their children playing on the field anymore.

The incident came after a group of migrants entered the New York City Hall during a meeting, disrupting the proceedings.

New York has taken in the most migrants of any city over the last two years. The large number of illegal immigrants are part of the seven million estimated to have entered the country since President Joe Biden took office in 2021.

The city has seen an increase in crime, which one NYPD official said was at least partially due to the migrant wave. There have also been a number of high-profile incidents in and around the city caused by migrant gangs, including a high-profile brawl near Times Square.

The tourism hotspot has also been the scene of several significant incidents including migrants. This included the shooting of a tourist by a migrant minor, who was arrested after attempting to flee the city. Earlier this year several migrants attacked two NYPD officers with the violence caught on camera.

The city’s migrants have been housed in a variety of facilities, including hotels and a large tent city. New York also converted a former airfield for the migrants to stay at.