Poll: Trump Receives High Marks From American Voters

Former President Donald Trump received high marks from American voters on a number of issues they consider important in casting their vote in November. The news came as Trump gained in numerous polls above President Joe Biden, who continues to struggle in surveys on a number of key issues.

According to the latest NBC News poll, Trump received significant support on a number of key issues. When asked about which candidate would be better at handling a crisis, Trump received 46% to Biden’s 42%. When asked about having a strong record as president, Trump tallied 46% to Biden’s 39%.

Furthermore, when asked about which candidate was “competent and effective,” Trump was supported by 47% while Biden lagged behind with just 36%.

Trump expanded his support on several other issues, leading Biden on the question of mental and physical health by 19% and handling inflation and cost of living by a large 22%.

The same poll found Trump in the lead in a head-to-head matchup. In that scenario, Trump received 46% of the vote to Biden’s 44%.

When independent candidate Robert. F. Kennedy was included, Biden took the lead with 39%. Trump came in second with 37% and Kennedy received 13%.

Biden also received a particularly low approval rating in the poll, which stood at just 42%.

Recent polls have also shown an increase in support among Black and Latino Americans for the former president. Biden has also seen a dramatic decline in support among Arab Americans and Muslim Americans.

The shifts in the demographic groups could be a major issue for Biden. Even should Muslim Americans and Arab Americans not vote for Trump, they could still abstain or vote for third-party candidates. Considering Biden’s thin margins in states such as Michigan and Pennsylvania in 2020, any significant loss could be fatal to his campaign.

The unique decline in support for Biden across a number of ethnic and demographic groups could put specific states in jeopardy. Trump is now leading in a number of states that he narrowly lost in 2020.