Biden’s Border Chaos Continues As Human Smuggling Soars

Human smuggling is alive and well at the nation’s southern border despite what the White House and its compliant mainstream media would have you believe. Numbers from just one Border Patrol station for January clearly prove the point.

U.S. Customs and Border Protection (CBP) released figures that showed the San Diego Sector’s Brown Field Border Patrol Station stymied over a hundred human smuggling attempts in January alone.

Twelve of those came on one particularly busy day.

The CBP press release noted that for the month, “agents patrolling these areas interdicted and seized more than 130 vehicles involved in human smuggling and arrested over 150 suspected smugglers.”

The agency reported that only seven of the vehicles resisted attempts by officials to pull them over. As for the occupants, over 300 smuggled illegal migrants were arrested.

President Joe Biden’s White House continues to play a shell game with immigration numbers. The raw data is so shocking that the administration was forced to address the crisis, but it did it in a most Democratic-like manner.

Instead of offering up an actual solution, the executive branch merely recategorized tens of thousands of illegal migrants to be “legal,” thus trimming the numbers of illegal encounters at the southern border.

By now asserting that immigrants from certain locales are “legitimate,” the White House could boldly claim that its programs are working and that border encounters are in decline. The compliant mainstream media, of course, ran with this official narrative.

Only, it’s not true.

The way to secure the porous southern border is not to declare that illegal migrants are now legal. And it is not to set up a system through which those from designated countries are funneled through new protocols that recategorize them as lawful migrants.

Securing the border legitimately will require something the previous administration was willing to do but the current one most definitely is not. That is to take control of immigration and stop people from crossing into the country illegally.

It is to finish the wall and to put the manpower and technology in place to where millions cannot flood into the country unabated each year. That is the solution — not changing the target and then unilaterally declaring victory.