DeSantis: Hunter Biden Would Be In Jail If A Republican

Florida Gov. Ron DeSantis (R) criticized President Joe Biden’s son Hunter, stating that the First Son would already be in jail if he were a Republican. DeSantis’ comments came as a longtime business associate testified regarding a number of business deals made by the Biden family.

During an interview with Fox News this week, DeSantis said that if “Hunter was a Republican, he’d be in jail by now.”

He also said that the United States currently has “two standards of justice.”

“You look at all this smoke, and yet the FBI, where’s the search warrants? Where’s the grand jury? Where’s the aggressiveness that they have shown going after some Republicans?” he asked.

Specifically, DeSantis cited the prosecution of former President Donald Trump, his 2024 GOP primary opponent, for alleged handling of classified documents, as compared to no charges filed against former Secretary of State Hillary Clinton.

The candidate also cited the sales of Hunter Biden’s art, which brought in hundreds of thousands of dollars. One Democratic donor who purchased a painting by the president’s son was appointed to a federal position by his father.

DeSantis asked about how Hunter Biden was able to sell paintings “for more than a million dollars?” He added that his six-year-old daughter Madison “does better paintings than him.” “Maybe we will put ours up and see what kind of things we can fetch.”

Elizabeth Hirsh Naftali was appointed to the Commission for the Preservation of America’s Heritage Abroad in 2022 around the same time that she purchased some of Hunter Biden’s art. The White House previously stated that the purchasers of the paintings were anonymous.

However, DeSantis criticized more than just the Biden family during his appearance. He said that under the tenure of Trump, “the problem got worse under him. He did not succeed in draining the swamp.” 

DeSantis cited Trump’s earlier promises to clean up corruption in Washington D.C. He also stated that there was a possibility that Trump could not defeat Biden in a 2024 match-up. 

“I think that there’s too many voters who just aren’t going to vote for him going forward,” DeSantis said.