Driver Injured In NYC Attack

A group of young people reportedly ganged up on and attempted to rob an Uber driver in New York City this weekend, leaving the man with significant injuries. The attack followed an attack where a young man shoved a 68-year-old woman down stairs to steal her purse.

The group of minors surrounded a driver in Brooklyn and started attacking him. The youths filmed their attack on the driver, leaving him with a broken nose and a large cut on his head. The large gash required staples and left a visible trail of blood on his face.

The driver reported that one of the young people was punching him while another had a gun. They reportedly demanded “Give me everything. Give me all the money.”

The driver arrived in the East Flatbush neighborhood of Brooklyn to pick up the passenger when the young people approached him and asked if he knew who he was picking up. A suspect then reached in through the window while the man’s head was turned and punched him in the face. The driver got out of the car and was then attacked by a group of young people.

The group only dispersed after a neighbor called 911, dropping their phone and footage of the attack as they fled.

The NYPD released images of the attackers, who were dressed in black clothing.

The news came after Jayvaun Prince allegedly threw Irene Tahliambouris down a flight of stairs in front of a church, leaving her with a fractured skull and bleeding on the brain. Prince made off with the purse of the grandmother before being arrested.

The suspect was caught on video launching the attack then picking the pockets of the woman.

The suspect attempted suicide prior to the arrest.

The 16-year-old suspect had several other arrests and suspected attacks. Three days before the church attack, Prince allegedly mugged another woman and stole her car. He currently has nine arrests on his record, including several other attempted attacks.