Four Officers Killed In Charlotte Shooting

At least four police officers were killed in Charlotte, North Carolina this week after serving a warrant. Several other officers were killed amid an extended standoff at the North Carolina home.

Three U.S. Marshals Fugitive Task Force were killed during a shootout after serving a warrant in Charlotte on Monday. A fourth officer died later.

The Marshals served the warrant related to firearm possession by a convicted felon. The suspect opened fire on the officers and was apparently killed by police. However, the police were attacked by a second gunman.

Two people were taken into police custody, one being a minor and another being a woman.

“We have two people of interest at the police station that are being questioned right now,” said Charlotte Police Chief Johnny Jennings. “And we have confirmed that the individual that was set up that we were serving the warrant on was the individual who fired the initial shots and was deceased in the front yard at the end of all of this.”

Five other officers were injured during the shooting incident. Overall, this included four members of the Charlotte-Mecklenburg Police Department. Another member of the U.S. Members task force was wounded.

The police chief called the scene the “most tragic one that I’ve been involved in.”

The area around the scene was closed off to the public with the police department closing roads to allow for ambulances to travel.

“I am in contact with law enforcement concerning the tragic shooting in the Charlotte area, and we have offered state resources to help,” wrote North Carolina Gov. Roy Cooper (D).

Police are still investigating the exact circumstances surrounding the shooting. The media is also seeking answers regarding the warrant and those taken into police custody following the incident.

There has been an increase in attacks on police officers across many parts of the country. In particular, there has been a sharp rise in attacks on officers in New York City, in part coinciding with the end of the 2020 George Floyd riots and an increased flow of migrants.