Grenade Loosed In NYC Anti-Israel Protest

A grenade was recovered by law enforcement following a demonstration against Israel in New York City this weekend. The news came after multiple reported defacements in the Big Apple by the protesters, as well as the expansion of the war between Israel and the terrorist group Hamas.

Friday and Saturday saw significant protests in favor of the Palestinian cause. This included protesters blocking traffic near Times Square on Saturday. It was at the famous tourist attraction that law enforcement found an inert grenade in the back of an Uber.

The car’s Uber driver discovered the grenade after dropping a customer off in Times Square.

It was not clear who left the grenade as of this printing. The New York Police Department (NYPD) had a delayed response to the call regarding the grenade due to protesters blocking the way. Several of the demonstrators were arrested for blocking the police’s way. In one video, protesters surrounded an NYPD vehicle.

Following the NYPD’s arrival, police set up a codon around the vehicle until it was determined to be inert.

During the protests over the weekend,

The discovery of the grenade came amid developments in the Middle East. In the last several days, Israel struck and killed a commander of the Lebanese terrorist organization Hezbollah.

Furthermore, Israel was preparing its operations in the last remaining Hamas stronghold in Gaza, Rafah. Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu said that a ceasefire could delay the attack, but not stop them.

Israel also reportedly considered a potential ceasefire agreement pushed for by the United States. However, Hamas has rejected such proposals in the past, even when recommended by other powers in the Middle East.

protesters painted “Death to Israel” and “Free Palestine” on the Charging Bull statue on Wall Street. Eight people were arrested near City Hall for alleged disorderly conduct and resisting arrest.

The protests as part of the “Emergency Action For Gaza” demonstrations also saw vandalism at a New York rail station.