Hunter Biden Tied To Chinese Attempt To Buy American Nuclear Reactors

Hunter Biden allegedly attempted to help a Chinese company purchase an American firm that constructs nuclear reactors, according to evidence recently released by Republican investigators in Congress. The news could further complicate the ongoing trials of the president’s son on charges of alleged tax evasion and federal firearms violations.

President Joe Biden’s son Hunter allegedly aided CEFC China Energy Co. in their effort to purchase Westinghouse. CEFC reportedly has close ties with the Chinese Communist Party.

The president’s son received a $1 million payment from the company’s chairman in 2017, as well as the gift of a diamond worth about $80,000.

According to information from the FBI, Biden’s brother James allegedly aided CEFC in an effort to purchase a liquid natural gas facility in Louisiana. The deal was unsuccessful.

Both Hunter and James Biden allegedly received hundreds of thousands of dollars from foreign sources, including those tied to Chinese nationals.

Westinghouse was owned by the Japanese company Toshiba and was going through financial issues in 2017. The company makes a number of high-tech machinery, including nuclear reactors. The company was eventually forced to file for bankruptcy protection after issues with a proposed Georgia nuclear power plan.

According to the plan, CEFC would purchase the company with the help of Hunter Biden’s former business partner Rob Walker.

House Oversight Chairman Rep. James Comer (R-KY) also requested that Biden appear on Capitol Hill next week as House Republicans consider advancing their impeachment efforts against his father.

Hunter Biden rejected the invitation to testify. His attorney called the hearings a “carnival sideshow.”

Comer said that the “only conclusion that one can reach is that Mr. Biden knows his public testimony would not withstand scrutiny.”

“Nonetheless, the Committee will proceed forward — with or without Mr. Biden — because it is important to show publicly how the Biden brand was sold for so many years in Ukraine, Russia, Kazakhstan, Romania and China and to explain Joe Biden’s involvement in these lucrative transactions,” said Comer.

The House Oversight chairman also asked the president’s son to reconsider his refusal to appear before Congress.