Kid Rock Pushes Hard For Trump Win In Michigan

Singer Kid Rock said during a recent interview that residents of Michigan should back former President Donald Trump, adding to a recent spate of momentum for the former president in the state. Trump has been leading in a number of polls in the Wolverine State while President Joe Biden has registered lower approval ratings among several crucial demographic groups there.

Kid Rock told Fox News host Laura Ingraham that Trump would win Michigan in November.

“Trump’s winning. Trump’s winning Michigan. I mean, the auto workers are smart enough to know that EVs mean you’re getting replaced with a robot,” said the singer.

“But in terms of Michigan, we’re going to make cars where we’re going to keep the industrial revolution alive. And we might have to innovate and go past that where things are going now. Am I getting off base here?” he added.

The former president held a successful campaign event in the state, where he received the support of a major police organization.

Trump called for stiffer penalties against those who attack police, including the death penalty for those who murder police officers.

The Biden campaign has expressed concern about his standing in the state. Biden narrowly beat Trump there in 2020, and Trump defeated former Secretary of State Hillary Clinton in 2016.

The combination of White working-class, Black and Muslim voters makes it particularly interesting. Trump has registered very strong support among working people in the state.

Biden has also seen a significant decline in his support in the Black community, especially due to the state of the economy and illegal immigration into the country.

Furthermore, the Biden campaign has struggled with Muslim voters, who overwhelmingly backed him in 2020. Much of the concern stems from the current war in the Middle East. A number of Muslim American leaders stated that Biden is too supportive of Israel and asked voters to cast ballots for ‘uncommitted’ in the Democratic Party primary rather than for the president.

Any significant decline in Muslim American or Black support could play a major role in the election and could hand the election to Trump.