Levin Seeks Supreme Court Intervention In Trump Case

Popular radio host and former Reagan administration official Mark Levin this week recommended that former President Donald Trump appeal to the Supreme Court regarding recent indictments. Levin’s statements join the growing criticism of the charges from a number of conservative figures.

During his radio show, the host said that attorneys for the former president should seek intervention from the Supreme Court regarding charges filed by special counsel Jack Smith. Levin stated that the indictments against the former president are “political weapons” being used against his 2024 candidacy. 

Levin further said Smith requested a speedy trial in the two cases against Trump. He said that this is likely meant to harm Trump’s electoral prospects.

“The fact is that this kind of legal warfare against a presidential and possible, if not likely, opponent to the present president, is not only unprecedented in the history of our republic, it will destroy our electoral system for all time,” Levin said.

The host also said that the Biden White House was engaging in a “passive revolution.”

Levin said that the situation surrounding the charges should not be fought in local or district courts. He called the effort an “assault on our electoral system.”

The host said that in each indictment or potential indictment case against the former president, prosecutors were abusing their power. He argued that the president would have difficulty in courts in Democratic Party strongholds.

“It is the process that’s the killer here, and they know it. And they’re playing the process by unloading all these indictments” and taking the former president away from campaigning, he said. 

Levin recommended that Trump’s attorneys “seek an emergency hearing before the United States Supreme Court, not to resolve legal disputes, but to at least temporarily halt the abomination of this legal warfare that is unfolding in front of us, where Democrats and anti-Trump Republicans are unashamedly celebrating the use of the courts by the Biden administration and Democrat district attorneys to further their political wishes as the rest of the nation watches in shock.”

Levin called the effort against the president “unprecedented legal warfare” while requiring an “unprecedented response by the only constitutional body left that can do something about it.”