Migrant Arrested After Times Square Shooting

An illegal alien was held without bail following a shooting attack in Times Square earlier this week. The suspect is being held for trial just weeks after another violent incident was caught on tape in which illegal aliens attacked New York Police Department (NYPD) officers in the famous tourist location.

Jesus Alejandro Rivas Figueroa was arrested after allegedly shooting a tourist in Times Square while attempting to shoot a security guard. The 15-year-old also aimed his weapon at members of the NYPD and fired on Thursday night.

Following the incident, Rivas Figueroa allegedly attempted to flee. Officers chased him into a subway station, where law enforcement alleges he then returned home and left the city with his mother.

Despite this, Rivas-Figueroa and his mother were apprehended at a house in nearby Yonkers. NYPD officials said that he was “hiding behind a wardrobe in a further attempt to evade police.”

The suspect was booked at Manhattan Criminal Court on Saturday. Prosecutors said that the suspect has “significant ties out of the United States” and had recently entered the country.

“Based on all of this, it’s clear that he is facing a significant sentence of incarceration on this serious case and can not be trusted to return to court,” wrote the Manhattan District Attorney’s office.

A mob of migrants attacked uniformed NYPD officers in Times Square on Jan. 27. Video from the attack showed the illegal aliens punching and kicking the officers.

A total of seven migrants were arrested for the incident, but all were released without bail. Several of the men allegedly fled to California under assumed names but law enforcement believes that they have been apprehended again.

Furthermore, a leading NYPD officer said that the city was seeing an increase in crime due to the migrants, including some “mob” behavior.

NYPD Chief of Patrol John Chell told local media that there had been an “uptick” in crime and that the city is “seeing these trends start to get bigger and bigger and it’s adding to our everyday New Yorkers’ crime, and we’re trying to put a lid on it.”