Migrant Crossings Near Pace For New Record

The flow of attempted crossings of illegal aliens into the United States will likely reach a new record high in the 2024 fiscal year should the flow continue at the same pace so far this year. Federal law enforcement reported more than 900,000 attempted migrant crossings so far this fiscal year, at a pace that is higher than 2023’s all-time high.

According to Customs and Border Protection numbers, there have been more than 900,000 migrant encounters from the beginning of October 2023 and the end of February 2024. This represents about the same pace as during the last fiscal year.

However, with the increased flow of migrants into California and Arizona, it appears likely that the number of migrants attempting to enter the country will exceed that of the last fiscal year.

Efforts by the state of Texas to halt migrant crossings appear to be having an effect. Texas Gov. Greg Abbott (R) announced Operation Lone Star utilizing police and National Guard assets to counteract crossings, human smuggling and the drug trade.

As a result of the policy, migrant crossings into Texas have fallen, while attempted entry into California and Arizona has increased.

Texas is currently in a legal battle with the Biden administration over the deployment of units to the southern border. The governor reported earlier this month that the effort resulted in a decline in crossings near Eagle Pass, Texas by about 99%.

Last year saw the highest number of attempted crossings into the country, according to federal figures. More than three million illegal aliens attempted to cross the border, while more than 300,000 attempted to enter in December 2023 alone. This figure represents the highest monthly total in American history.

Much of the increase in the flow of migrants occurred after the Biden administration announced the end of the Trump White House’s Title 42 asylum policy.

Furthermore, the border was the site of a major political skirmish last week as both former President Donald Trump and President Joe Biden visited the border area.

Recent polls have shown that a large majority of Americans said that they would trust Trump’s approach to the border over Biden’s.