Migrants Attack Man At Tent City

A group of migrants attacked a man at a tent city housing illegal immigrants in New York City this week. The incident came after a series of attacks by migrants, including a high-profile attack on members of the NYPD in Times Square earlier this year.

Five men were arrested after attacking a man at Randall’s Island near Manhattan. The site is the home to a large tent city filled with migrants.

The 24-year-old man was attacked by a group of migrants early in the morning Monday.

There are indications that a security guard may have been injured due to the attack, as well.

The tent city has seen previous acts of violence, including a fatal stabbing there in January. Not far away, there was a stabbing by one migrant against another in Manhattan last weekend.

The violence Monday came amid a series of attacks by migrants across the city. Law enforcement arrested a series of squatting migrant gang members who were harming residents in the Bronx.

In perhaps the most infamous incident, a series of migrants attacked two NYPD officers in Times Square on Jan. 27. The attackers were initially released following the attack, but were later brought back into custody. One of the suspects allegedly attempted to flee to California before being apprehended again.

There has also been a significant increase in other forms of crime in the last several years, including auto thefts. Law enforcement is currently probing a series of high-end car thefts across the city which appear to be linked.

New York City has faced serious issues over the last two years as almost 200,000 migrants have entered the city. New York has been forced into a series of budget cuts to pay for the billions of dollars of expenses caused by the strain of migrant issues.

Some of the issues have been partially reduced due to an infusion of federal funding, but the city was facing a nearly $7 billion deficit last year.

So far there are about 65,000 people in shelters across the city, which includes a former airfield, tents and hotel rooms.